Brockenhurst garden re-design
The original garden was out-dated and the landscaping poorly executed. We designed, landscaped and planted a new garden in keeping with the Victorian house.
Dibden Purlieu driveway
We widened the parking area and replaced the old crumbling tarmac on this challenging steep driveway with charcoal block paving with an inset grey border.
Marchwood driveways
We replaced both of these driveways with new block paving and we sealed it afterwards to stabilise the kiln dried sand, stop weed colonisation and retain the colours for longer.
Dibden Purlieu terraced garden
We built this garden to the customers' design using oak sleepers, artificial grass, sandstone and limestone paving.
Burley terrace
We designed and built this curving terrace over an existing delapidated rectangular terrace. We incorporated low voltage lighting to illuminate it for effect and for safety.
Lymington dry garden
This customer is a plantsman and wanted a free-draining garden to experiment with growing cold hardy xerophytes (plants that specialise in growing in arid environments).
Detailed construction
We like to think we are perfectionists and strive to make every element of your garden as beautiful as possible.
Lymington accessible garden
One of our customers was recently confined to a wheelchair but they didn't want to change the front door or add ramps. So we re-designed, landscaped and planted the rear garden so the whole garden ramped up to the patio doors. The patio was designed so a wheelchair can navigate it with everyone sat at the table.
Planting for colour
We are experienced plantsmen and avid gardeners. Our planting schemes often incorporate unusual and new plants, but only ones that we think are reliable.
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